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Financial Company with the largest network and professional work ethics

PT. Mitra Dana Top Finance was founded in 1995, with our core focus to provide consumer financing services which funded many sectors such as multipurpose, goods and services, capital, and investment financings. PT. Mitra Dana Top Finance is constantly growing and improving to satisfy market demands, our main target to be the best financial service solution in Indonesia. PT Mitra Dana Top Finance is one of Top 50 [Top 50] financial institutions with total assets reached Rp 5,142 trillion or 70.2% of the total assets of the financial industry in Indonesia according to Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

Mitra Dana Top Finance serves all the financing needs with a fast liquefaction process, light and reliable installments.

Company Development

MDTF was started as Mitra Dana Putra Utama (MDPU) Finance with traditional core business to serve financing services for automotive industry.

MDPU Finance moved Head Office from Batu Tulis to Duta Merlin, Central Jakarta.

MDPU Finance acknowledged the importance of human resources skill to support the Company’s growth by building a Learning Center that serves as a training center for our human resource investments to fulfill our goal.

In order to reach a wider community, MDPU Finance always improves the service of development at branch offices throughout Indonesia to meet the needs of an increasing community.

With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, in 2009 MDPU Finance turned the physical operating system into a digital operational system. It aims to facilitate MDPU Finance in reaching and serving customers online.

Until the year 2010, the rapid development also experienced by Mitra Dana Top Finance. It proves if MDPU Finance has the trust of the Customer.

The company development progress rapidly and MDPU Finance successfully increase the number of skilled manpower and professionals to fulfill our commitment to serve consumers.

MDPU Finance conducted a financial literacy which aims to provide knowledge and skills to the community in managing everyday and personal finances.

With hard work from internal and external parties, MDPU Finance successfully entered the list of financial institution conglomerate group released by OJK [Top 50], with total assets reaching IDR 5.142 trillion or 70.2% of the total assets of the Indonesian financial industry. With this news certainly, strengthens the position of MDPU Finance as a trusted financing company for the community. As the company's pace and HR needs continue to increase each year, MDPU Finance's headquarters was officially moved from the Duta Merlin area to the TOP Center Building.

MDPU introduced "DANATOP", a virtue ethical value which symbolizes the spirit of success, prosperity and welfare for the company and its employees.

In 2017, Mitra Dana Putra Utama rebranding its name to Mitra Dana Top Finance, a change toward fulfillment of MDTF's vision and mission to be the best financial company nationwide (Indonesia) with the support of professional team and technology.